Eturnity is committed to the environment

Looking beyond work to the environment

At Eturnity, we are working together on a mission to do our part for the transition to renewable energy. However, we also work on something else – namely, minimizing our footprint as a team.
That’s why at Eturnity, we adhere to mutually agreed upon guidelines in our daily work:

This is what we pay attention to in the team

Beyond work


I pay attention to regionality in purchasing as well as traveling. I am also a member of Greenpeace.

Anita Roth, HR / Business Administration

I try to avoid plastic and like to go shopping “unpacked”. I also don’t own a car and cook seasonal, vegetarian, and regional food.

Bettina Enser, Head of marketing

I charge my e-car with electricity from hydropower. I don’t eat beef and make sure I eat seasonal food. I only eat fruits and vegetables from my region.

Severin Müller, Customer consultant Northeast Switzerland

I entrust my savings to a bank that is committed to sustainable investment. Whenever possible, I travel by public transport and try to reduce my meat consumption as much as possible.

Roger Sutter, Head of Sales & Marketing

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